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                  Meet Our People

                  Meet Our People

                  Harsh AGRAWAL
                  Harsh Agrawal
                  BSc (Hons) Creative Media, CityU
                  Character Texturing and Shading Artist, Industrial Light & Magic, Singapore
                  The rational animator

                  Pixar Animation Studios' 2018 Oscar-winning film, Coco, was critically acclaimed globally. Among those on the credits was Harsh Agrawal, an alumnus of CityU's School of Creative Media who contributed to the film's character texture and shading.?

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                  Mr. Harry S. Banga
                  Mr Harry S. Banga
                  Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Caravel Group
                  Court Member, CityU
                  Dare to dream and fly high

                  Mr Harindarpal (“Harry”) Singh Banga, a highly successful business figure, is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Caravel Group, a diversified organisation, world renowned for the provision of maritime services, including ship management, commodities trading and investment management activities.?

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                  derek chan
                  Derek Chan
                  Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, CityU
                  Senior Counsel of HKSAR
                  From CityU to Senior Counsel

                  Derek was called to the Hong Kong Bar in 2004 and he took silk in 2018. Since commencing practice, Derek’s focus has mainly been on commercial crime, corruption and criminal cases. He has appeared as counsel in a number of high profile criminal cases.

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                  winfred chan
                  Mr Winfred Chan Hon-pun
                  Director, Happy Brave Trading Co., Limited
                  Board Member, CityU Foundation
                  Doing ordinary deeds well

                  Mr Chan?Hon-pun first came into contact with CityU in 2007 when attending a forum hosted by the University.

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                  John Chan
                  BBA (Hons) Business Economics, CityU
                  Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer of Star Capital Group Limited
                  From table-tennis to entrepreneurship

                  John is a promising entrepreneur with business portfolio ranging from hospitality to property management. Perseverance and persistence, the qualities that he has developed through table tennis training, are his keys to success.

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                  Chan Chun Tung
                  Dr John Chan Chun-tung
                  Chairman, Chaifa Holdings Limited
                  Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Executive MBA, CityU
                  Never giving up

                  Education is vital to the future development of China, and access to resources is needed to ensure progress.

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                  mabel chan
                  Mabel Chan
                  BA (Hons) Accountancy
                  Deputy Managing Partner & National Head (Outbound Market Development), Grant Thornton Hong Kong Limited
                  Embracing tech-driven changes in accountancy

                  Mabel is the former President of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and she sheds light on how she leads the industry professionals to embrace the impact of advanced technologies.

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                  Professor Frank Chen Youhua
                  Professor Frank Chen Youhua
                  Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Management Sciences
                  Data driven health management supports older patients with chronic diseases - Visionary donation brings huge impact on society

                  “The Hong Kong healthcare system is facing on-going challenges in a rapidly ageing population, which results in overburdened hospitals,” said Professor Frank Chen Youhua, Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Management Sciences.?Professor Chen has shown how management science contributed a significant role in elderly care through a project in establishing an innovative chronic disease management programme with a strong focus on data science.

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                  jenny chow
                  Jenny Chow Fung-yee
                  Executive Master of Business Administration
                  Senior Advisor, United Nations Social Impact Fund
                  Sponsor, United Nations Development Programme - Build Bangladesh Fund
                  Chief Strategy Officer, MyCash Online
                  Advancing sustainability at the United Nations

                  For the past decade, Jenny Chow Fung-yee has viewed compliance as her life's work, undertaking senior roles in the field at major companies and angel investment firms, including SPDB, ICBC and China Renaissance.

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                  Isaac Han
                  Isaac Han Chun-lok
                  Bachelor of Arts, major in English Studies
                  Footloose the Musical: Joy of Music and Dance Under the Spotlight

                  Have you ever imagined that you are dancing, singing and acting under the spotlight?

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