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                  CityU’s College of Business ranked 1st
                  The College of Business at CityU)has been ranked 27th in the world and top in the Asia-Pacific Region according to the newly released University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) Top 100 Business School Research Rankings 2019.
                  Toilet flushing
                  A study at CityU shows that toilet users’ health can be affected by pathogens embedded in airborne aerosol droplets that may rise as high as one metre from the toilet seat during flushing.
                  empathy project
                  An online achievement exhibition launched in January displayed the works and accomplishment of the “Jockey Club Enhancing Youth Empathy Project through Immersive Visualisation”, organised by CityU and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.
                  new droplet-based electricity generator
                  A research team led by scientists from CityU has recently developed a new form of droplet-based electricity generator, which can help to advance scientific research into water energy generation and tackle the energy crisis.
                  CityU expert assesses worst scenario for coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong
                  Dr Sean Yuan Hsiang-yu shared the research outcome on the risk of outbreaks of a novel coronavirus in local communities
                  Staff party celebrates Year of Rat
                  Goodbye Pig, welcome Rat as CityU celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year at a campus party organised by the Human Resources Office on 4 February.
                  Court briefed on latest developments at CityU
                  Members were given a comprehensive overview of recent developments at CityU at the 15th meeting of the Court held on 21 January.
                  World’s most international university
                  CityU has just been ranked #1 in the World’s Most International Universities Ranking published by THE.
                  CityU MBA
                  The MBA programme of CityU has entered the FT’s 2020 MBA top-100.
                  THE Indian Universities Forum 2020
                  Learning from each other is the driving force behind internationalisation, commented Professor Way Kuo, President of CityU, at a specially convened panel during the Times Higher Education India Universities Forum held in India on 17 January.

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