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                  Located in the heart of Hong Kong, CityU has a well-earned reputation as an innovative hub for research and professional education and for addressing global issues and empowering positive change.


                  [THE] World University Rankings 2020 "Most International University"


                  [QS] World University Rankings 2020


                  [THE] Asia University Rankings 2019


                  [QS] "Top 50 under 50" in 2020


                  [QS] Graduate Employability Rankings 2020

                  Undergraduate Admissions

                  We welcome applications to CityU through the International Admissions Scheme/Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme if you are applying on the strength of qualifications other than Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) or mainland China’s National University Entrance Examination (NUEE/Gaokao), regardless of whether you are studying in Hong Kong or overseas.

                  Postgraduate Admissions

                  CityU offers a wide range of full-time and part-time taught postgraduate programmes, from one to three years in length. We operate a semester system and candidates' academic progress is usually assessed through a combination of written examinations and project assessments throughout the year .

                  Continuing and Professional Education

                  Continuing and Professional Education

                  CityU SCOPE offers a variety of programmes geared to providing professional and life-long education, retraining and self-development, responding to the needs of society in an ever-changing world.


                  Exchange Studies

                  CityU has exchange links with partner universities worldwide.? We have collaborative programmes with institutions in more than 40 countries/regions, ranging from the humanities and?sciences, to media and legal studies.

                  Visiting Studies

                  Visiting Studies

                  Applicants who do not wish to pursue a full programme of study at the University but are interested in taking courses on a short-term basis may apply for admission as visiting students.


                  Elder Academy

                  In support to the government’s initiative to encourage elders to lead an active and flourishing life, CityU joined the Elder Academy Schemes launched by the Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Elderly Commission in 2008.

                  Student Stories

                  Isaac Han
                  Isaac Han Chun-lok
                  Bachelor of Arts, major in English Studies
                  Footloose the Musical: Joy of Music and Dance Under the Spotlight

                  Have you ever imagined that you are dancing, singing and acting under the spotlight?

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                  Johnny Lau
                  Johnny Lau Chun-leung
                  Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Applied Sociology
                  CityU Swimming Team Trainer
                  Never Give Up!

                  Johnny Lau Chun-leung was awarded two sports scholarships this year, namely the Mr?Herman Hu Outstanding Sports Scholarships and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science Sports Awards.

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                  Elaine Ng
                  Elaine Ng Yee-ling
                  Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Marketing
                  Effective communication at work brings success

                  As a Student Ambassador alumna, Elaine strongly encourages CityU students to be proactive and enjoy various activities at the university.

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                  Bruce Wyatt Placathose
                  Bruce Wyatt Placathose
                  Bachelor of Engineering, major in Mechanical Engineering
                  Footloose the Musical: Shine Under the Spotlight

                  Bruce Wyatt Placathose expressed that deep inside, he has always wanted to shine. As a Mauritian, dancing is like a second nature.

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                  Gary Yeung
                  Gary Yeung Ka-hei
                  Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Quantitative Finance and Risk Management
                  Be the big fish in the small pond!

                  Gary said the Student Ambassador Programme taught him a lot about professionalism. ?It’s not only about personal grooming and presentation skills, but also our work attitude and the effort he has to put in preparing for every task assigned.

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                  Through the generous donation of individuals, private organisations, professional bodies and academic departments, CityU is able to offer opportunities to gifted and deserving students through a variety of scholarships and awards


                  Tuition and Financial Aids

                  The generous gifts of donors?enable CityU to provide financial support to local needy students, whose needs are otherwise unmet by Government Grants and Loans, in the form of bursaries and loans.


                  Visit CityU

                  City University of Hong Kong welcomes you to our campus to meet our cheerful and diligent students, who are excited to share with you their unique university life at CityU.

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